resume writing tips
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5 Resume essentials which impress your recruiters

There are a lot of important ‘look for’ in a resume, be it a fresher or an experienced personal. Designing a resume is a process that starts from designing yourself and your skill set, after accumulation of a lot of data for yourself and within yourself comes the actual designing part. Most importantly way before you design your resume, do design a set of skills and improve them and put them into practice. Apply your knowledge and acquire internship training in the field of your qualification. Make sure you have certifying or supporting documents for the same. Documentation is an important aspect.

Every time a candidate designs a resume it focusses only on what the candidate is academically for freshers, and professionally for experienced. The HR recruiter are a team that comes under Operations and Management, who have the responsibility to provide the man power as per requirement for the production of the company. Recruiters would always look for candidates that appropriately fit the place with respect to experience, and qualification. Always design your resume with respect to the job description provided by the employer.

resume writing tips

Below are few essential keys that will help you to design yourself a resume that fetch you a desired job.

  • Include your field of interest’s: Why interest’s and not interest? When a recruiter looks at your profile, he/she or the management would want a candidate who has an undying enthusiasm about the work, it is acquired by the way you put your knowledge into work. You should have relative or other interest’s that keeps you motivated. Including your interest’s in resume increases your chances by noting the matter that the company can approach you when they require a talent. This field can also include learning a new language or learning an add on course, which describes that the employer can rely on you in future for the respective skill you are acquiring at present.
  • Volunteer experience: Volunteer in an activity, maybe part time or as you can. Include this experience in your resume at the last. This can be an experience that you are acquiring along with your present job. Make sure that this is relevant to the job that you are applying for. This showcases your ability, interest and will be an added advantage.
  • Do not include photograph: A lot many times recruiters maybe biased about race, colour, ethnicity etc. Along with this do not include your gender, nationality, date of birth which is actually not relevant to the recruiter. All an employer require is your ability and experience. Including such information can even turn down your chances to be called for an interview.
  • Education and Experience: Arrange your educational details and experience in present to past order. Always after a personal statement or a professional summary after your name, profession, and contact details on top, add your skill set (highlighted) and then your experience and internships followed with educational qualification. This is a systematic method of putting things in order and an employer would not have to wander through your resume to find out for things.
  • Achievements: Do mention your achievements at your previous positions that will build a sense of trust of the employer on your profile. It does not require to be a paragraph, but may be 2-3 bullet points which are effective to impress the employer that you are approaching. Highlight the skills or the achievements that you want the employer to not miss. This is way professional and handy for the recruiter and increases your chances when the resume is screened for the position.

Always keep resume simple and approachable as per your respective profession. It should be in a way that exhibits your professionality in your profession. For eg. a Graphical Designer’s resume should not be like a resume build for a Business Executive. Both are different profession, and thus there should be a difference. When you are to select a template for your respective resume, make sure it suits your profile. Make sure you are confident about the information you add in your resume and have appropriate explanation about your interests if asked.

Author : Janet Simon


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