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Career Tips for Young Graduates

Career Tips for Young Graduates

The best career advice is that we choose a career which you love and most passionate about. Now there are few relevant questions that are being asked at frequent intervals regularly they are:

  1. Tell me something about yourself: Now to answer this question apply this simple technique that is AIM what are you A for Academic qualifications, what are your I for Interest. And last but not least in which thing you have the M for mastery in which course.
  2. How you rate yourself based on this technology: That is where you can give a rating to yourself and justify the project or the task completed. So on a scale of ten, rate yourself with proper justification and practical implication.
  3. Some recruiters might ask why you have chosen this as your career option: be able to justify it enough that why you have chosen this career option. Either it could be Sales, Marketing, or Human Resources Development.
  4. Some recruiters ask what you know about the company, so my advice is that you should do your homework particularly what are the products that the company is dealing with. This question might or might not be asked from you who is the CEO of the company. And sometimes you are bound to ask for the punch line or the tagline of the company.
  5. What are your interests or the hobbies which you would like to share: It will speak volumes about your personality and traits which you follow and would currently like to develop in near future?

 And now I am giving you a five-pointer strategy that might land up you in a good job and remember it all throughout your career.

  • Focus on professional success before looking for happiness in your career: This is one is very important in your career in the long run that is you have to focus on professional success like to climb up in corporate ladder before looking up for happiness in your career.
  • Stop being loyal to your company: Loyalty and integrity play an important part in the company’s role so in order to stay loyal you should follow the guidelines and treat the job in your first position. Sometimes the company checks the loyalty at the back that how you behave when no one is around.
  • Treat your job hunt like a Career: In order to progress in your job hunt, search a job as a career. Where career is implied on the way you approach earning money and reputation in the company?
  • Learn How to read people: These are very crucial traits and very important traits that you need to understand the behind intentions of the people. And learn to read people’s intentions either they are clear or full of some doubts.
  • Don’t be afraid to get fired: The saying goes like that love your work but doesn’t love the company that you land up in failing up in yourself and be practiced with yourself. Don’t just hang up learn to accept yourself with rejection and move on in search of the new job that is life.

“I have also learned in recent years that you need to learn to say no when your instinct voice says so don’t move ahead because it’s a flowery picture inside but outside it, there will be a catch.”

“Always be in search of great career advancement which might bring you great satisfaction in the long run.”

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