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Job Designation : Data Scientist

Qualification : Bachelor’s degree

Experience : Freshers

Skill Set :

  1. Knowledge of data management systems such as Snowflake and Oracle.
  2. Knowledge of basic concepts and capabilities of programming.
  3. Knowledge of Data Visualization environments such as PowerBI and/or Tableau.
  4. Expertise in quality assurance tools, techniques, and standards.
  5. Ability to use tools, techniques and platforms in order to write and modify programming languages (SAS and Python).
  6. Knowledge of techniques and tools that promote effective analysis.
  7. Ability to determine the root cause of organizational problems and create alternative solutions that resolve these problems.
  8. Understanding the necessity and value of accuracy.
  9. Ability to complete tasks with high levels of precision.

.Job Description:

  1. Independently executing data gathering, data mining, and data processing processes; creating appropriate data models and visualizations to support business decisions.
  2. Leading requirements definition and scope of data analyses; presenting and reporting possible business insights to management using data visualization technologies.
  3. Conducting research on data model optimization and algorithms to improve effectiveness and accuracy on data analyses.
  4. Evaluates and makes contributions to best practices.
  5. Employs techniques for motivating personnel to meet or exceed accuracy goals.
  6. Implements a variety of cross-checking approaches and mechanisms.
  7. Productively balances speed and accuracy.
  8. Able to independently create and test intuitive reports that effectively communicate accurate, business-relevant information.
  9. Designs and executes data models leveraging Snowflake, Sharepoint, and other sources, insuring timely data and rapid refresh times for users.
  10. Possesses the desire and ability to continue to expand knowledge and capabilities at pace with a rapidly evolving field.
  11.  Participates in the implementation and support of specialized programming languages.
  12. Conducts basic reviews on writing a specific programming language within a specific platform.
  13. Follows an organization’s standards, policies and guidelines for structured programming specifications.
  14. Diagnoses and reports minor or routine programming language problems.

Location : Chennai, Tamilnadu, India