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Genpact looking for a candidate for the role of Principal Consultant – Lead Software Engineer 

Job Designation : Principal Consultant – Lead Software Engineer

Qualification : Bachelor’s degree

Experience : Freshers/Experienced

Skill Set :

  1. Strong knowledge of software testing methodologies.
  2. Good understanding of Agile Scrum and SDLC principles.
  3. Must have knowledge of SQL queries, UNIX shell scripting.
  4. Strong Insurance domain background
  5. Extensive experience as QE in ETL/cloud testing.
  6. Experience of working on DB/ETL testing.
  7. Good Communication skills.
  8. Good analytical and problem solving skills and ability to handle client discussions.

Job Description :

  1. Apply testing methodologies, principles and processes to define and implement key metrics to manage and assess the testing process including test execution and defect resolution.
  2. Understand the data to be used for reporting.
  3. Review the Data Model.
  4. Source to target mapping.
  5. Data Loading and Data checks on source data.
  6. Packages and schema validation.
  7. Data verification in the target system.
  8. Verification of data transformation calculations and aggregation rules.
  9. Sample data comparison between the source and the target system.
  10. Data integrity and quality checks in the target system.
  11. Performance testing on data.

Location : Noida, India