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Job Designation : Consulting Software Developer

Qualification : Bachelor’s / Master’s degree

Experience : Freshers / 0-2 yrs

Skill Set :

  1. Proficient in JavaScript (Programming Language).
  2. Good knowledge of PL/SQL and SQL  (Structured Query Language).
  3. Sound knowledge of Oracle APEX, OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure).
  4. Familiar with Web Application Development and testing.
  5. Expertise in systems/application development.
  6. Good knowledge of Operating Systems.
  7. Excellent coding, debugging and troubleshooting skills
  8. Excellent collaboration and communication skills.

Job Description:

This position is for BLR Technology Consulting -DEV org, which is involved in developing automation for importing/ exporting data to/from Millennium application using application called DOC (Data Online Collaboration).

This position is also responsible for developing/maintaining and enhancing the Build Automation scripts, internal tool and supporting the need to meet Key Review metrics which are related to speed and efficiency across businesses.Currently there are challenges with Data collection and configuring. The automation created out of this position brings a lot of value to VA and DoD projects.

As a member of a project team,

  1. Follows standard practices and procedures to analyze situations/data and provide quality work products to deliver functional and technical solutions on applications and technology installations.
  2. Work involves some problem solving with assistance and guidance in understanding and applying relevant Oracle methodologies and practices.
  3. Implements Oracle products and technology in various industries to meet customer specifications.

Location : Bengaluru, Karnataka, India