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Advantages of Learning DevOps at this point of time

Advantages of Dev-Ops

There are different opportunities in dev-ops but right now we discuss that what are the advantages of dev-ops. The dev-ops team aligned those practices which are more done, practical, Simple. There are cross functional members which may work in collaboration with the development and operations team. The dev-ops team can deliver maximum speed, good functionality, and innovation of new ideas amongst small and large-scale enterprises.

The technical benefits are:

  • Continuous software delivery: Dev-ops is a continuous feature that develops a continuous delivery during all stages of the processes of dev-ops. As the functions direct towards the production stages the delivery is on hand as it is a continuous process.
  • Less complexity to manage: As the team has been segregated into development and operations team there is less chance of complexity arising because the functions of each are pre-defined.
  • Faster resolutions to a problem: In any complex situation there is a resolution to the problem because I define it that the arising ticket will fall into the bracket of the development or operations team.

The Cultural Benefits are:

  • Happier and more productive teams: There are more chances of a happier team because team size, role, and function are defined. Therefore, it makes it easy to understand that the teams are running productively across all functions and across all phases of dev-ops.
  • Higher employee engagements: There are chances of higher employed engagements which in connection will build repute in the corporate world for the deployment of new projects. The engagements are so much that employee is engaged day in and day out in smooth functioning of all the processes.
  • Greater professional development opportunities: If there are happy customers then obviously you are getting more employment opportunities with a set line of projects to be completed in time with accuracy.

The Business Benefits are:

  • Faster delivery of feature: There is faster delivery because all objectives and features are pre-designed and out of those objectives we meet the goals. So there are fewer chances of discrepancy and faster delivery to customers.
  • More stable operating environment: Environment is likely to be more stable because there is a continuous check on the speed, fixes, and bugs which are there in the server for the issues to be resolved. The stable environment function which starts the process of development and to the core with the potential of the company is highlighted.
  • Improved collaboration and communication: The chances of improved collaboration and communication is likely because the development and operations team have defined their goals. Better communication and collaboration is likely to happen and streamline the process of development with no issues.
  • More time to Innovate (rather than fix /maintain): On another hand, there is a lot more time taken to resolve the issues aligned on the fixes and to maintain the process throughout the long run. Maintain is a long way process because it is sometimes streamlined and at some times we escalate issues. So rather than trying to fix the issues, we may innovate on the further processes so we may compete with the rest of the world. They do not restrict innovation to the process but we must try to further explore new avenues to the box possibilities of business.

Quote: “Innovation is the ability to convert ideas into invoices.” _L. Duncan.


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