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Best career tips for fresh graduates – 2020

For a student of the 21st century, the hardest decision to make is that of a career. The difficulty does not lie in choosing the right one among many opportunities but of choosing the best one from many right choices. As we know, in this modern era, people who are the jack of all trades are considered over the people who display mastery in only one field. People are not to be blamed here. Companies are ready to invest in a single employee who can carry out many duties at a time rather than spend money on various people to perform duties related to a single task. This marks a question in the students of this era, whether they’ll have to master technology or skill to survive or be a jack of almost all the trending skills.

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Survival in the market nowadays is not a big issue, thanks to the government laws to encourage start-ups in the country. If we look at the employment trend in the last few years, it is clear that people are tending more towards start-ups as these small companies give a larger scope of learning. One hidden reason, that I think why people are much interested in these start-ups is that the employers over there do not fear to handover the responsibilities which are even totally out of your scope, if one succeeds – they can add it up to their skillset else carry on with their ground duties. One thing that these start-ups lack is the structuring and organized work nature, which is profoundly seen in an MNC. As a fresher, college passed outs look very high at these multi-national companies. I feel that these MNCs teach you a better organizational behavior than the startups but, when it comes to learning, acquiring knowledge these MNCs fall behind. As the whole work is distributed among people, the hands-on work gets reduced.

So, for a fresher in the market, it is really important to take the correct step upfront. He needs to ask himself a few questions before concluding.

1)         Firstly, interests. These are important. Now you can ask me, for someone new in the market how can interest decide the career. But trust me, students of this age are really smart enough to decide on their interests. These interests can be of a wide range. For example, technology, specific companies, a certain amount of salary. Mostly, these are the kind of people who see their careers down the period for a long time. They see their overall development aligned with that of the first company they join in.  Technology-based Start-ups are the right places for you because your priority lies in learning as much as possible and then moving forward with that experience.

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2)         For some, it is all about earning for a certain period and then starting up on their own. Entrepreneurs, they call themselves. Nothing wrong in calling it that way. In this case, he/she must make one thing sure, it is all about only a certain period and capital to be earned. For these, as far as I believe technology, company, etc., etc., do not make any difference as long as he/she can bear the superiors. MNCs which are service-based are the best places for you, as they might not create a big mess for your career going forward. You can stay as unattached as possible with both work and the people you meet in the workplace because you have a higher cause to serve.

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3)         For some, it is nothing. Confused about whether to go with an MBA, MS or earn for some time and then go back to studies. Trust me, I can tell you one thing for sure, once you start earning for yourself it is not that easy to be a college student again. Right or wrong, you’ll have to stand the decision taken, no matter what difficulties you may face in the future.

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And for the youngsters don’t be in a hurry to rule the market as soon as you enter or don’t even be so lousy that you spend all your youth searching for something that never existed in the actual world. You have a family to take care of, you have yourself to answer if anything does not go the way you wished.

Be wise. Be goal-driven. Hunt your dreams in the best way possible- that might include attacking at the earliest or waiting for the right time to do so.


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