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Protechsoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Nelson Towers, II Floor, I Wing,#51, Nelson Manickam Road, Aminjikarai, Chennai - 600 029
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Protechsoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a research and development company, with a vision to build reusable business components using Java, C++, C#, jQuery, Angular and other web technologies. Currently it is in the process of re-engineering classical applications into business process modeling based applications using BPMN 2 . 0. Since its inception it is catering to the research needs of Protech Solutions Inc., USA.

Protech Solutions Inc., USA is a nationwide information technology services provider for development, maintenance, and enhancement of automated systems. Combined experience and knowledge of Protech’s business and technical professionals has made Protech highly successful and recognized as one of the nation’s leading providers of information technology services to state and local governments with a primary business focus of Child Support Enforcement (CSE) technology.

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