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How to attract the Right employers – Best fresher tips

How To Attract The Right Employers – With These Smart Tips

Are you one of those who, like most of us, has been dreaming of bagging that perfect job since the 8th grade? You have left no stone unturned – from acing your board exams to writing an exceptional resume to networking – you have TRIED it all. Yet, after a number of rejected applications and failures at interviews, you probably end up thinking that perhaps you aren’t meant for that dream job.

You are not alone. According to a recent study conducted by the Centre for Sustainable Employment, out of 55 million graduates in India, over 9 million are estimated to be unemployed. This number is likely to rise as the current CoVid19 scare has triggered a global recession. As more and more companies take their business online, and digitalize most operations, the need for manual workers is on the decline. This puts the current generation in a hither to unprepared situation. Add to that the global demand for multi taskers with above average communication skills, and an inherent stamina to put in long hours – the average job seeker is put in a serious dilemma.

So how do we tackle this apparently precarious situation? By taking advice from the people who have been there. Let’s take a look at some of their advice: –

1) Create A Resume That Commands Attention

Let your CV reflect your personality at its best. Be creative, write a compelling summary of your experience and skills in the resume headline, and create a snapshot of skills with degrees of proficiency. Make sure the layout and background are attractive and not too loud. It would be a good idea to browse sample resumes online, and select a template that suits your chosen field.

2) Make The HR’s Job Easy For Them

A sure way of getting into a potential employers’ good books is to tailor your CV to answer all their questions beforehand. This means writing a summary of your technical skills and language proficiency, mentioning your certifications with institute names, clearly stating your experience and internship details, attaching your portfolio link and detailing your expectations in terms of preferred industry and/or role. Nothing cheers up a recruiter more than hitting upon that candidate who has everything clearly put down in writing.

3) Always Send In An Updated Resume

A common mistake most job seekers tend to make is to send in their applications randomly to consultants or hiring managers without tailoring it to the given Job Description. Many candidates also fail to update their contact information, thereby reducing their chances of being shortlisted. Always ensure you have read through the JD thoroughly, and customized your CV accordingly. And don’t forget to add an alternate contact number and email address, just in case. Also make sure you check and reply to your emails and call logs regularly. This leaves the HR with a very good first impression.

4) Market Yourself

In today’s cut throat job market, you are your own PR. Think of yourself as a brand that needs to reach the right people. Post your profile on reliable job portals, network liberally on LinkedIn, create your own blog or go all out with an online portfolio that lets the world see your talents. Be proactive in approaching people, and always remember to be friendly and cordial. This will create a favorable impression of you in general, and increase chances of a word of mouth reference.

5) Improve Your Communication Skills

Being the second largest English-speaking country in the world, it comes as no surprise that employers in India look out for candidates with a fluent command of the language, who can ably converse not only with Indians but also with native English speakers. Regardless of the kind of schooling that you may have had, it helps to update your language skills, and enroll in classes that help you communicate your thoughts and intentions clearly. Reading classics and binging on Netflix also comes with its own benefits!

6) Keep Your Eyes Open For Opportunities

Lastly, don’t forget to grab on to opportunities that come your way. Most companies tend to conduct drives during the weekend, and many make use of job portals to advertise their openings. Always ensure you are prepared for a last-minute call, and that you have a clean, pressed, smart work outfit and a copy of your updated resume, ready for such emergencies. Many companies also prefer taking a Skype call first, so ensure you have a working Skype ID ready to supply.

Be professional. Be consistent. Take risks. Make genuine efforts. But above all, be ready to work the hard way up to the top. After all, Rome was not built in a day!

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