If you are a Compiler Engineer with passion to work on leading edge languages implementation and compilation for AMD GPU, we would love to talk to you and share with you the many exciting projects we are working on.

Job Designation : Software Development Engineer

Salary : 9 LPA – 12 LPA

Qualification : Bachelor’s / Master’s degree

Experience : Freshers / 0 – 2 years

Skill  Set :

  1. Strong C/C++ and Python programming skills.
  2. Good understanding of GPU execution model and architecture
  3. Solid understanding of at least one of the following languages: C++, CUDA, OpenCL, OpenMP
  4. Experience working with a programming language committee preferred.
  5. Experience with wide variety of aspects of compiler and parallel programming
  6. Clang/LLVM experience
  7. Parallel Programming Models, Languages and Runtime Systems
  8. Excellent written/verbal communication skills.

Job Description :

AMD building first class compilation technology for HIP, OpenCL, OpenMP and Python. In addition to HPC apps, our compilers are used in the development of AMD Machine Learning frameworks and Libraries. We are continuously innovating in LLVM upstream to make GPU compilation better. The successful candidate will have a great opportunity to work closely with AMD first class Machine Learning, HPC and Libraries developers to get the best performance from the compiler.

  1. Language implementation and optimization in the open source LLVM compiler framework.
  2. Collaborate with compiler team members spread across other geographic locations.
  3. Represent AMD in open source communities.

Location : Bangalore, Karnataka, India