Genpact calling upon the thinkers and doers, those with a natural curiosity and a hunger to keep learning, keep growing., People who thrive on fearlessly experimenting, seizing opportunities, and pushing boundaries to turn our vision into reality. And as you help us create a better world, we will help you build your own intellectual firepower.

Genpact inviting applications for the role of Lead Consultant, Generative AI/Machine Learning Developer.

Job Designation : Software Consultant – Generative AI/Machine Learning Developer

Qualification : Master’s degree

Experience : Freshers / experienced

Skill Set :

  1. Expertise implementing machine learning and deep learning solutions.
  2. Strong understanding of MLOps process, preferably using Azure ML service.
  3. Good knowledge of Python and its ecosystem of data science libraries.
  4. Deep learning and generative AI expertise.
  5. Strong understanding of design patterns, integration patterns/practice, data modeling principles, and best practices.
  6. Ability to learn ServiceNow platform and new technologies quickly and demonstrate a hands-on understanding.
  7. A good track record of project delivery for large cross-team projects.
  8. Exceptional debugging, testing, and problem-solving skills.
  9. Strong communication and teamwork skills.

Job Description :

In this role you would, build ML/AI enabled application on the ServiceNow platform. Integrate ML/AI capabilities into the ServiceNow platform.

  1. Analyze data to gather insights.
  2. Train/test/deploy/maintain complex ML models at scale.
  3. Build ML/AI enabled application on the ServiceNow platform.
  4. Integrate ML/AI capabilities into the ServiceNow platform.
  5. Help evolve the MLOps process our team follows.
  6. Write web components with APIs that developers love to use. You’ll take the time to create code that is easy to understand and maintain across the team.
  7. Architect, design and build end to end proof of concept and prototype of products and solution.

Location : Hyderabad, Telangana, India