Jio Ads platform serves Advertisements across various publishers and enable advertisers to boost their revenue.

Jio looking for motivated Data Scientists with excellent programming skills in Java, Python and strong understanding of mathematical concepts.

Job Designation : Data Scientist 

Qualification : Bachelor’s Degree

Experience : Freshers

Skill Set :

  1. Excellent programming skills in Java, Python.
  2.  Familiarity with data processing with Python, R & SQL.
  3. Sound knowledge of handling large datasets and reporting automation.
  4. Familiarity with AWS services related to AI/ML highly desirable.
  5. Good knowledge of data analytics and data science.
  6. Knowledge of generative Al models like CLIP, and diffusion models.
  7. Expertise in deep learning models.
  8. Problem solving ability and passion for big data.
  9. Excellent communication and data presentation skills.
  10. Fluent written and spoken English.

Job Description :

The in-house built Ads platform is continuously evolving with innovation and features bringing in data driven intelligence. Capitalizing on large data sets are the various ML models that ensure that Ads users’ see are always relevant.

  1. To write write/modify models for the dataset available and achieve the use cases expected for commercial products in JioAds platform.
  2. Contribute hands on and also co-work with multiple stakeholders to ensure the models address the business needed closely working with technical lead and product manager.
  3. Work with other data scientist and data engineers to ensure regular rollout of feature has tangible value to customers of JioAds platform.

Location : Bengaluru, Karnataka, India