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Job Designation : Software Developer

Salary : 8 LPA – 15 LPA

Qualification : BTech

Experience : Freshers / 0 – 2 years

kill Set :

  1. Knowledge in programming using Python/C#/Java or other languages and oops concepts.
  2. Knowledge in any of database, SQL/PL-SQL, writing queries and RDBMS.
  3. Basic knowledge of Cloud technologies (e.g. Azure, AWS, Google).
  4. Basic knowledge of Linux/Windows OS, Networking, 3-tier applications.
  5. Ability to document requirements and specifications.
  6. Basic knowledge of Github will be of advantage.
  7. Excellent problem solving, analytical and technical troubleshooting skills.
  8. Willing to work in 24*5 environment on rotational shifts.
  9. Strong communication skills and ability to produce clear, concise and detailed documentation.

Job Description :

 You will join a team of industry experts who will work with you to accelerate your development. With exciting learning opportunities at its core, we’ll help you focus on building the essential skills needed for a successful and meaningful transition into the professional world. We provide industry-leading data, software and technology platforms and managed services to tackle some of the most difficult challenges in financial markets.


  1. Learn, design and implement technical solutions.
  2. Develop products using technologies that are scalable and resilient.
  3. Solve complex data engineering problems.
  4. Develop products using Cloud Native technologies.
  5. Develop products that provide best Customer Experience.


  1. Design and Development of DevOps Features.
  2. Provide technical support to development teams to assist in the adoption and implementation of DevOps practices including adoption of CI/CD/CT utilizing Azure DevOps, Jenkins, Artifactory, ServiceNow, Security Scan Tools, CMDB and other tools focusing on automation.
  3. Configure and support build, deployment and test infrastructure
  4. Work with development teams to configure CI/CD/CT pipelines
  5. Automate the creation of environments and installation of software
  6. Helps troubleshoot DevOps infrastructure issues. Provides timely and effective communication to team and management on major incidents.
  7. Provide thought leadership, problem solving, collaboration and mentoring
  8. Lead by example and work hands on with global teams to innovate, create solutions and resolve issues.
  9. Work with Engineering, QA and SRE teams to understand needs, issues, develop root cause analysis.
  10. Work with the teams for the development of solutions and enhancements.
  11. Work with Security Engineering team to develop solutions for security.
  12. Work effectively with global stakeholders
  13. Automate manual, repetitive tasks related to software build, deployment and operations
  14. Develop guidelines and support documentation
  15. Contribute to research and analysis into existing and emerging technologies to strengthen DevOps maturity in the organization.
  16. Ensure solutions delivered are fit for purpose, meet Security, Risk and Audit requirements, meet customer expectations and do not cause high severity outages.
  17. Collaborate with individuals and teams to promote knowledge sharing
  18. Provide regular contributions to team knowledge base, product wikis and support documentation
  19. Maintain documentation for environment details
  20. Provide timely and accurate updates to stakeholders
  21. Implement cloud solutions and technologies
  22. Design and develop software products.

Location :  Gururgram, Noida , India