S&P Global Market Intelligence’s Integrated Reporting offers a one-stop solution to support transactions across all asset classes, including valuation and collateral reporting to multiple jurisdictions and key trade repositories.

Job Designation : Software Engineer

Qualification : BTech

Experience : Freshers / Experienced

Skill Set :

  1. Good knowledge on SQL queries(JDBC and PostGreS).
  2. Sound knowledge of Angular, Java, Hibernate and Spring.
  3. Familiarity with cloud platforms (e.g., AWS, Azure, Google Cloud).
  4. Knowledge of XML technologies.
  5. Knowledge of market standard protocols and interfaces (such as SWIFT, ISO15022, ISO20022 etc.).
  6. Good analytical ability.
  7. Strong communication skills.

Job Description :

  1. Work on the Angular11, Spring, Hibernate and Java which will help to develop the skills as the full.
  2.  Experience of working on enterprise applications.
  3. Experience to work on load testing, security of the application.
  4. Able to handle the development activities independently.
  5. Ability to communicate and interact with client.
  6. Ability to help team members in case of any issues
  7. Ability to manage team of developers
  8.  Full stack developer along with team managing capabilities and effective client communication.
  9. Understanding client’s integration needs throughout the project. Able to handle client workshops effectively and capture/articulate client requirements.
  10. Complete ownership of integration analysis, development and maintenance.
  11. Assisting the Integration Quality Analyst (QA) to perform its functions.
  12. Assisting the client integration needs.

Location :  Gururgram, Noida , India