Tesco Technology consists of people from a number of different backgrounds, but having a common purpose to serve our shoppers a little better every day with our retail technological solutions. Whether making products, software or systems, our teams focuses on various aspects from taking strategic ownership of the architecture to delivering technological solutions such as design, testing, deployment, infrastructure, operation and security of the systems to ensure agile, smooth and safe operations.

Job Designation : Software Development Engineer II

Qualification :  Bachelor’s / Master’s degree

Experience : Freshers

Skill Set :

  1. Good understanding of Java programming language C, C++, Java, Python etc..
  2. Sound programming skills and System Design Development knowledge.
  3. Good knowledge of J Springboot, microservices,  Sql/NoSql and Kafka.
  4. Familiar with Docker, Azure Kubernetes, Github, Devops tools like Jenkins.
  5. Debug code of Understand and resolve complex issues.
  6. Good analytical and problem solving skills.
  7. Strong written and verbal English communications skills.

Job Description :

As a Software Development Engineer 2 you are in a mid-level Individual Contributor role at Tesco. Engineers at SDE2 level will continue their career development and show potential for an SDE3 role. SDE2 is a stepping stone towards SDE3; rather than a career destination in its own right. At this level.

  1. your impact reaches across a team; and you provide technical leadership of medium to large features.
  2. You are starting to produce your own work by understanding the problems that the team faces and are beginning to support other engineers with their own delivery and development.
  3. You prioritise sharing your skills and knowledge.
  4. You also prioritise quality of work; helping your team to continually set the standard.
  5. You understand and apply best practice within Tesco and across the industry.

Location : Bengaluru, Karnataka, India