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Prisoner of Perception

For a long time I have been in the “Conceptual Prison ” .

And, fortunately for me I have been able to unshackle myself.Perception is the sum total of our upbringing, our learning from the past, media narrative and whatever we believed it to be true.We all have been the prisoners of our perceptions. We believe so many myths to be true that causes delay in our progress. like for eg,

❌ We need money to make money.

❌ Money is Evil.

❌ College Degree will set us free.

❌ Getting in to #DebtTrap by trying #YOLO concept.

❌ Sales guys are conmen.

❌ Social Media is bad.

Instead, we can start a fresh beginning if we believe,

✅ In ourselves

✅ that ‘Past is nothing to do with the future’

✅ Real education starts after the college .

✅ In ‘Delayed Gratification’ instead of ‘Instant Gratification’, to live #YOLOLife to the fullest.

✅ Sales is a crucial #LifeSkill for every human being.

So how to set ourself free, here,

💡 Find a mentor, who has walked the path before you.

💡 Read books, consume positivity

💡 Surround yourself with positive, like-minded folks who are growing.

Contributor : Bhoomesh Kumar

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